Testimonials for Dr. Julie Connor

I believe conversations can heal the world.  I build bridges of understanding through communication, collaboration, and inclusion

I motivate and excite audiences in ways that transform challenges into opportunities.

I empower others with skills to clarify your direction for the future, build successful communication, and strengthen teamwork.  

I facilitate tough conversations about diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, and mental health issues.  

I tailor presentations and workshops to your needs.  Contact me for more information let’s talk about how I can inspire your group!

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This is what others have said about their experiences with me:

Julie is an incredible keynote speaker and educator. Her strategies are designed to help you draw out your own vision and values so they align with your goals. I’ve watched Julie in action; her speeches and workshops are delivered with enthusiasm for her topic and are backed by education and experience. She brings both strength and vulnerability to her talks which make her relatable and inspiring.  I highly recommend Julie for your next event.
Shane Purnell
Platform Giant, Overland Park, KS

Dr Julie Connor is a master teacher – one who knows that each individual is different and needs their own tailor-made plan of action. She does her level best to show people how to actually achieve their own dreams by sharing tips on goals and strategies they can take to see these dreams take shape and in due course become a reality. Every time she opens her mouth to speak or lifts her pen to write, I know good gifts are coming my way.
Merv Olsen
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Julie is an exemplary leader, coach, teacher and consultant.  I have seen her motivate and unite large teams of people to become the change they seek within challenging environments.  She has an amazing knack for communicating to audiences of varied skill and educational levels and simplifying complex information.  Julie a mentor for what is needed in professional leadership, change management, and educational leadership.
Kyleen Carroll
St. Louis, MO

Dr. Julie Connor motivated and inspired our staff across departments with tools to increase how we work together as collaborative teams.  She provided interactive opportunities to put these skills into action.  If you want to increase the commradierie of your staff and be excited about your future, contact Julie.
Tammy Swenson Lepper
Winona State University | Winona, MN

Dr. Connor has an innovative mind that helped me guide others as a leader and connect with our students and families. She courageously engages others in authentic conversations with sensitivity and poise.
Anthony Butler
The V.I.P. Program (Violence I Prevent) Founder & CEO | Kansas City, MO

Dr. Connor is an empowering and positive asset dedicated to the vision, mission, and values of collaborative leadership.  She has had experiences with students and adults in a wide variety of settings, especially challenging environments.  She brilliantly promotes inclusion and dialogue.  Julie is a person of great integrity, energy, as well as a reliable, dependable and energetic individual.
Maria Lara
Farmington, NM

Julie has an entertaining and energetic presentation style.  Participants walk away with valuable and life changing information; empowered with skills to set goals and become great leaders. They are motivated by the encouragement and desire to apply the concepts you teach. You inspired many to define their vision and accomplish their mission.
Paula McLain
Northwest Missouri State University | Maryville, MO


Transform your dream into reality with my award-winning personal goal-setting book.  Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide will help you (or someone you care about) get clear about goals for the future.Dreams to Action Trailblazer's Guide - Best Ever You Award

“I am proud to issue Dr. Julie Connor’s book, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide, my Best Ever You! Blue Ribbon Award Winner.  The book is structured to write directly in it and help anyone of any age achieve dreams and goals of any level.  It’s a trailblazing masterpiece and it will be fun to see what people achieve having used this as a tool and resource.
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Founder of the Best Ever You Network

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These clients shared their comments:

Julie Connor’s work is dedicated to helping people clearly define their dreams, identify their resources, and discover the means to uncovering their greatness. Read and apply the wisdom contained in Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide – you will be given a clear road map to envisioning and manifesting your destiny. You will be glad you did.
Brian K. Knight
Host of Success Profiles Radio, Chandler, AZ

Julie offers invigorating encouragement and a path for success with easy-to-use tools and genuine passion. She helped me get in touch with my own dream and carve out a path to the dream within me. Julie believed in me until I was able to believe in myself. I am so grateful she helped me prepare my own career as a writer. Thank you, Julie!
Carolyn Fuller
Colorado Springs, CO

She showed patience and gave me great support when I lacked confidence. She offered clear direction, encouragement, positive support, and clear tools to help me clarify my message. I would recommend Julie Connor to others.
Rev. Lynda McClelland
Kansas City, MO