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Julie Connor is a powerful speaker, master storytellers, and mental health advocate who helps youth and adult audiences throughout the country explore tough topics like mental illness and suicide.  She shares her personal experiences with major depression and a severe anxiety disorder with courage and passion. Julie strips away the stigma that shames teens into silence.

Julie also trains teens to be peer leades and helps schools, churches, and communities create strong peer leadership teams. She provides resources for those struggling with mental illness, their families, and adults who care about them.

Dr. Connor empowers youth and adults with communication skills to build strong relationships, create healthy boundaries, and resolve conflict.

Keynote Speaker & Presentations

STOMP OUT S.T.I.G.M.A.: Let’s Talk About Mental Illness
Julie opens courageous dialogue about mental illness symptoms and triggers. She empowers teens with tools to Stomp Out S.T.I.G.M.A.:  Silence shame; Trust trustworthy people; Ignore negative thoughts; Get healthy, positive support; Make small changes; and Always celebrate success.  When we talk about mental illness, we strip the stigma that shames teens into silence.

It is time to arm kids and adults with communication and conflict resolution skills before someone hurts themselves or others.  Learn and practice tools to engage in healthy dialogue, establish safe boundaries, and resolve conflict throughout this interactive presentation.

Dr. Julie Connor - Keynote Speaker

DISCOVER THE LEADER WITHIN YOU: Identify Your Strengths & Gifts
If your life was a book, what would you want people to remember about your story? Your passions reveal your purpose. Not every leaders is outspoken. Some leaders are great listeners. Some leaders provide great feedback to others. Everyone has something to bring to the collaborative table.

CREATE A VISION & MISSION: Keys to Collaboration
Clear mission and vision statements reflect your beliefs and core values. They guide the words you speak, decisions you make, goals you create, and events you plan. This interactive workshop will help your group or team create a powerful vision and mission aligned with your personal principles.

Youth Presentations & Retreats

Julie helps young people discover their own gifts and talents and inspires them to share these gifts with the world. She prepares youth to be leaders by empowering them with collaboration and teamwork skills, consensus and problem-solving strategies, communication and conflict-resolution skills, and peer mentoring experiences.

Engage in meaningful dialogue and develop teamwork, collaboration, and shared decision-making skills. Strengthen relationships within your group through a shared vision, consensus, and communication processes.

Discover how to articulate your dream, define your purpose, align your vision with your core values, and create attainable goals with tools to chart a powerful plan of action. Use tools from Julie’s book, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide, to transform your passion into a reality.

PEER MINISTRY: Sharing Your Leadership Gifts
Youth leaders learn how to support and encourage one another, share their leadership gifts, and effectively communicate with confidence as a role models and mentors.

For Schools & ChurchesContact Dr. Julie Connor for Presentations

Julie delivers engaging presentations and interactive workshops on collaborative youth leadership, goal-setting activities, teamwork and collaboration skills, positive classroom management techniques, and how to reach out to at-risk students and families.

She has more than 30 years of experience as a teacher, instructional coach, youth minister, and program director in urban, rural, and suburban classrooms and in parochial and public churches and schools. Julie shows teachers and students how to build relationships with creative writing and journaling.

Before They Enter the Classroom & What to Do When They Get There
Successful teachers know that common procedures and strong organizational skills invite a positive and safe classroom environment. Discover tools that strengthen relContact Dr. Julie Connor for School Presentationsationships, inspire creativity, and celebrate inclusion.

Unleash Students’ Leadership Gifts
Leadership training begins with helping teens identify their inherent gifts. In this experience, youth have opportunities to identify their gifts and explore ways to use them.

Inspiring Teamwork & Collaboration
Collaboration involves much more than forcing teens to work in groups. Explore cooperative learning strategies that inspire creative learning and innovation among students of all learning levels. Employ these experiences in ways that allow youth to discover their own leadership potential.

Contact Dr. Julie Connor for PresentationsFor Organizations & Leadership Teams

Many businesses and organizations struggle because they have not established a clear purpose and direction. Define your purpose, align your vision with your core values, and create an action plan with attainable goals. Experience greater collaboration as a visionary leader. Dr. Julie Connor is a collaborative leader who specializes in these topic areas:

Vision, Mission, & Goal-Setting Strategies

Julie will empower you with skills and tools to create clear vision and mission statements. Align your goals with your vision, mission, and core values.

Teamwork & Collaboration
Create a culture of trust, balanced-decision making processes, and respectful communication grounded in consensus. Discover tools that promote greater understanding, communication, and collaboration among all team players.

Motivate & Inspire Your Team
Employees and administrators commit 100% when they feel respect in a positive work environment. Experience opportunities to reconnect to your vision and to one another through appreciation of the gifts among all organizational members.

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Julie is a dynamic speaker who will motivate, inspire, and empower your organization with direction you want and the tools you need.

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