Podcasts with Julie


Small Changes-Big Shifts with host, Dr. Michelle Robin

Dreams to Action with Guest, Dr. Julie Connor

Dr. Michelle Robin is an international speaker, best-selling author, radio host, and practicing chiropractor. She is the founder of Your Wellness Connection, one of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers.


1 Simple Thing with host, Dave Kirby


Dave Kirby is the host of 1 Simple Thing, a popular podcast dedicated to helping others make simple life changes with dramatic results.

Shane Purnell

The Platform Giant Show with host, Shane Purnell

How to Be a Professional Speaker with Julie Connor

Popular speaking and podcasting expert, Shane Purnell empowers others with tools to deliver a clear and strong message to the world.

kmbz Jason Grill

KMBZ Entrepreneur KC Radio with Jason Grill

Transform Your Dream into Reality with guest, Dr. Julie Connor

As an attorney, media relations expert, TV analyst, and radio host, Jason Grill knows how to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in others.

Elevating Beyond

Elevating Beyond with Mark Minard and Dayne Gingrich

Failing to the Next Level with guest, Julie Connor

Former professional athlete, Dayne Gingrich, and author, Mark Minard, inspire others to experience life to its fullest potential. Their popular podcast, Elevating Beyond, reaches thousands of listeners.

CreativeWarrior WEB

Creative Warriors Podcast with Jeffery Shaw

Profit from Your Passion with Dr. Julie Connor

New York-based business coach, author, and podcast host, Jeffrey Shaw, inspires others to transform your personal vision into action.

Masters of Change with host, Baraa Safaa Ali

How to Get Clear About Your Goal-Setting Strategy

Baraa has a true success story that extends from his native Iraq to Canada. As an award-winning motivational speaker and host of Masters of Change, Baraa will inspire you with tools to celebrate success.

Self Discovery Radio with host, Sara Troy

Invest in Our Youth – Our Future Leaders

On a segment called Their Story Matters, Sara Troy discusses important issues throughout the world. In this episode, Sara and Julie share how to encourage and empower youth in leadership roles.

"How to Handle Bullying" with That Anita Live

Emotional Happiness with That Anita Live

How to Handle Bullying

Anita Washington, author and popular host @ThatAnitaLive, and Julie discuss How to Stand Up to Bullies and create strong boundaries. A video of Julie and Anita’s discussion is also available.

The Adverse Affect with Kenneth Cheadle

Communication is Key

Kenneth Cheadle, life coach, speaker, and author of Millennial Takeover, shares Untold Stories of Everyday Adversity & Perseverance on his podcast, The Adverse Effect.  In this episode, Ken and Julie discuss communication, relationships, and how to find opportunities in challenges.