When we talk about mental health, we strip the stigma that shames teens into silence.

I prepare youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors and role models.

Julie Connor, Ed.D. is a seasoned teen mental health and peer leadership trainer, TED speaker, and consultant who helps youth and adults talk about tough topics like mental health awareness, substance abuse, bullying, and suicide prevention.  She shows schools, churches, and community organizations how to build positive connections and safe communities of support for children and teens.

Julie prepares youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors, advisors, and role models.  She empowers teens with peer leadership skills.  When teen leaders have skills and tools to support and encourage peers, they are four times more likely to refer a suicidal friend to a caring adult (National Institute of Health, 2010).

She equips adults with skills to support teen leaders and engage in authentic dialogue with youth.  She provides resources for those struggling with mental illness, their families, and adults who care about them.

Dr. Connor empowers others with communication skills to build strong relationships, establish trust, and resolve conflict.  She is the author of an award-winning personal goal-setting book, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide.

Contact Julie and invite her to speak at your next school assembly or event.

Invite  Julie  to  speak  at  your  school  assembly  or  event!