I help teens talk about tough topics like mental illness and suicide. 

I show caring adults how to provide positive, safe support for children and teens.

We Can Stomp on S.T.I.G.M.A.  Together!

  • Learn mental health crisis signs

  • Open communication channels

  • Provide safe support networks

  • Offer mental health resources

My Personal Belief:  I believe conversations can heal the world.

My Mission:  I help teens and adults talk about tough topics like mental illness and suicide.  I teach effective communication skills.  I provide teens with peer leadership training.

My Purpose:  I inspire teens with hope.

  • I have 30+ years of teaching and program direction experience as a classroom teacher, youth minister, teen leadership trainer, and youth program coordinator.
  • My doctoral degree (Ed.D.) is in educational leadership.
  • I have 1000+ hours of mental health education and training.  I promote mental health awareness at school assemblies and events.
  • I empower teens with peer leadership training and build peer leadership teams in middle and high schools throughout the country.
  • I equip youth and adults with communication and conflict resolution skills to encourage positive conversations between adults and teens AND teens with one another.

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About Me

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

I was painfully shy, but loved to sing and perform on stage. 

I loved to read and write (even though I had a reading disability).

I had NO communication skills.  I was a target for bullying because I did not know how to defend myself.

When I was old enough to attend college, I was ready to reinvent myself.

I was president of the Student Government Association at my university.

My first teaching position was at Holy Rosary Elementary School in Clinton, Missouri.

I became a youth minister because I loved working with children and teens.

I trained youth to be peer leaders and formed a teen leadership team. They shared their leadership gifts in small groups, at their schools, and in the community.

I spoke at youth conferences throughout the country.

I lived a double life:  As I experienced success inspiring others, I was drowning in depression and a severe panic disorder.

I found help. I found hope. And I found courage to share my story with others who faced personal challenges.

About Dr. Julie Connor, Ed.D.

I accepted a teaching position in an urban school district in Kansas City.

I created a safe place for students to share their stories and discuss controversial topics.

I went back to school and earned a doctoral degree in educational leadership.

My school district downsized. I lost my job.

I wrote a personal goal-setting book, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide.

I created communication and conflict resolution programs and workshops for high school and college students.

I reinvented myself – again! – as a school assembly speaker.

I help youth and adults discuss mental illnessbullying, and suicide.

I show schools, churches, and organizations how to launch successful youth programs and provide youth and adults with leadership training.

I encourage youth to pursue their personal passions in my TED talk.

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