Discover Your Passion - Find Your Purpose - Celebrate The Next Great Stage of Your Life

If your life were to unfold within the pages of a book, what would you want people to remember about your story?

There are enormous differences between imagining the story you want and celebrating the life you know you are born to live.

  • Do you want your story to reflect how you make a difference in the world?
  • Do you want to leave a legacy that will inspire others?
  • Do you want your story to fill you with joy and hopeful expectation?

If you are filled with passion and enthusiasm and want to network with other women who are seasoned with experience and wisdom, you are in the right place.

We are seasoned professionals with wisdom and skills shaped by profound learning and life life experiences.  We are inspired movers and shakers who are ready to make a difference in the world. We want to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren – and great-grandchildren.  We carry a torch that lights the way for others.  We inspire our families, our communities, our country, our global community.

As an motivating keynote speaker, goals & planning catalyst, and author of the award-winning goal-setting workbook, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide, you will find everything here you need to:

  • Find your passion.
  • Discover your purpose.
  • Align your vision with your core values.
  • Make the most of your talents.
  • Create a powerful action plan with tangible goals.
  • Celebrate this Next Great Stage your life with other women over 50 who share your passion and energy.

Let’s confidently step into the next great stage of your life with eager anticipation, exuberance, and excitement.

Step into your power where all things are possible.  Rekindle your passion. Ignite your spirit. Rediscover purpose and meaning in the life you were born to live!